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How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs While Moving

Bed bug infestation is at record levels and predicted to only get worse.  A lot of exposure to these nasty little critters can happen during the moving process, so making sure your mover knows how to deal with them is the best way to decrease the risk of contamination of your next place.

Utilizing the combination of the following services is the only surefire way to get rid of bed bugs.  This step-by-step process makes sure these invaders are destroyed and out of your life for good.  Here’s how:

Cleaning and Removal of Clutter:  Debris and unneeded clutter will be removed as these are prime locations for bed bugs and their eggs.

Possession Relocation and Fumigation:  Your movers will professionally pack up your belongings and remove them to an offsite treatment center. 

Your stuff is then placed in an airtight container and fumigated with Vikane; a colorless, tasteless, odorless gas that leaves no residue.  It replaces the oxygen in the container and completely kills all bed bugs.

K-9 Detection of Infestations:  Once your belongings are out of the residence, highly trained dogs are used to pin point active areas of infestation.  The use of canine detectors is up to 98% effective, far better than human only detection.

Treatment of Structure:  With the areas of active infestation identified, a certified exterminator uses traditional treatments like steam and topical pesticide as well as thorough crack and crevice treatment to eliminate bed bugs in the residence.

K-9 Verification:  Your possessions, the moving truck and tools as well as your residence will be checked by the K-9s again to verify that the bed bugs have been destroyed.

Belongings Returned:  Your bed bug free belongings are then returned to your bed bug free residence.  You should then be provided you with a 100% written customer guarantee to ensure peace of mind.
If you’re moving, and currently have bed bugs or are concerned about your future residence having them, this service is perfect for you as well.      

Unfortunately, the moving process can often make people vulnerable to bed bug infestation.  Uneducated movers can infest your belongings or your new residence can already be infested.

By using a service like this, you can be sure your old and new residence are free and clear of bed bugs and that your possessions are not infected in transit.

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